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What is Yadokari-XG 2009?

Yadokari-XG 2009 is a software for crystal structure analyses that was expanded based on Yadokari-XG developed by Dr. Wakita. The function is expanded and the externallinks withother new software is enhanced.

This software has two outstanding features:

  1. Analysis of conformation by SHELX can be done in a reliable way without circumstance by GUI.
  2. The output of Gaussian can be visualized.


<For Users>

■June 30, 2011 Notification of License Renewal of Yadokari-XG 2009
The user registration of last academic year has been expired since July 31st, 2011.
Users who want to continue to use this software need to submit the application again.
This is because the users of this software are university-affiliated people, which makes it in a state of flux. Thus this is necessary procedure to prevent the software being used illegally.

■November 18, 2009 Those who downloaded this software later than October 15th, 2009
Rev.439-504 has fatal problems for its ORTEP depiction.
Please update the latest ver.(Rev.509~)
(If you use an external program such as Ortep for Windows, there is no influence. )

■August 24, 2009 Regarding procedure to change the registered information
Those who need to change the registered user information within this academic year need to submit the modification report to the general manager.

■July, 2009 Yadokari-XG 2009 can be downloaded from July, 2009

<Information on the events and lecture presentation>

Training session of Yadokari-XG 2009
A training session on disorder conformation analysis using Yadokari-XG 2009 will be held. Professor Nemoto, who is one of the developers, will deliver a lecture and give training on making CIF for research papers using disorder diffraction data involved crystalline phase transition by thermal change.
If you want to participate, download the application (Japanese)and send it to ckabuto(at)m.tains.tohoku.ac.jp.
The materials for the training can be downloaded from the users’ page. All the participants need to submit the user registration of Yadokari-XG 2009



■July 10, 2009 Regarding Commercial Organization Users
The license of Yadokari-XG 2009 has been revised. The provisions for the commercial organization users are now clearly stated.
Please refer the application form for more information.